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Our portal is a powerful Bulk SMS Script for SMS Marketers, Bulk SMS resellers and Bulk SMS Portals. It provides complete Customers/Resellers Management tools, Bulk SMS, Unicode and MMS Messaging tools, 2-Way SMS messaging tools, Phone book

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You probably know some businesses who are doing phenomenally well without a website. I do, too. But I often wonder how much better they could be doing if they took the time to invest in one. And when I say “website,” I don’t mean an electronic version of that brochure they’ve been handing out for the past 10 years. I mean a legitimate, well-thought-out site that is designed to inform, engage and convert their audience.

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eSMSafrica is a leading SMS-communication platform service providers to enterprises, over-the-top (“OTT”) players and mobile network operators. Our clients include some of the world’s largest and well-known organisations, including a number of Fortune Global 500 companies.

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